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Matthew Rush
Men of Falcon Studios: Matthew Rush, Josh Weston, Tristan Adonis, Tommy Brandt, Jason Adonis, Barrett Long, Jason Adonis, Ken Ryker, Mike Branson, Chase Hunter, Aiden Shaw, Billy Brandt, and more.

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Gay Porn Star - Matthew Rush
Hair Color: Light Brown | Eye Color: Brown | Height: 6' | Position: Top | Build: Body Builder
Body Hair: Smooth | Cock: 9" | Foreskin: Cut

LIVE: Matthew Rush every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at FalconTV.

Matthew Rush bottomed for his ex-boyfriend Rob Romoni in Taking Flight 2 (with pics, stats, & synopsis).

Falcon Studios describes it as "Mr. Rush takes it up the bum good and proper for the first time on camera, and just so you know the intensity and combustibility between Rush and Romoni is genuine, they were real-life lovers before and during the shoot. Alas, it’s a good bet this is the only time you’ll get to see Rob tapping Matthew’s bubble booty, as they’ve since split up."

This film will be directed by Chris Steele, also a gay porn star.

Thanks to the Marketing Manager (G.M.) of Falcon for the Pictures.
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However, if you want to see Matthew Rush as a bottom. Matthew flipped/flopped for more than 5 times with Rob Romoni in his official website. Matthew was fucked in every position imaginable. Matthew was hard the whole time Rob was inside him.

What made the scene awesome? Matthew was chatting with fans while having sex with Rob Romoni and did what the online fans asked.

Gay fans were shocked one time when Matthew Rush bottomed to Rob Romoni without a condom. Matthew apologized for the incident after a few days.

Matthew Rush bottomed again in Heaven to Hell (PPV). He comes back as a top in the 2 part series of Cross Country (with pics, stats, & synopsis).

The Recruits (with pics, stats, & synopsis)
Joe Sport is such a lucky guy. Matthew Rush and Brad Patton takes turns in fucking Joe's two holes, his mouth and asshole.

Drenched 2 - Soaked to the Bone (with pics, stats, & synopsis)
Matthew Rush fuckes Tyler Gunn.

Drenched (with pics, stats, & synopsis)
Matthew Rush fucks Viktor Perseo in a very scenic place.

Matthew Rush

In the Chair with Matthew Rush, courtesy of Falcon Studios
An Interview with Mistress Mona

Did you enjoy the non-sexual acting parts of Taking Flight? It certainly seemed like it, and you did a great job too.

I really enjoyed shooting the non-sex scenes in this movie because I've always enjoyed acting and being the funny one, or as Chris Steele put it the "Samantha Jones of Sex and the City". It was great being allowed to have fun with a role. I also love the fact that it gives fans the opportunity to see me do something else besides just having sex

Were there any challenges to filming your first bottoming scene in a Falcon movie? Were you excited or nervous for the first time? Was it any easier that, at the time, you were bottoming for your boyfriend (Rob Romoni)?

Even though I was with Rob, I was kinda scared! I remember showing up on the set and thinking to myself "Am I going to be able to do this?" After we got started I was less nervous. It was easier than I had imagined.

Were you worried about what fans might say seeing you bottom?

I am always worried about what fans are going to think. Some people don't want to see me bottom. But I have also gotten lots of e-mail asking me when I was going to bottom in a movie. I think, for the most part, people like seeing me do something different on film.

What was the thing you remember most about your scenes? Were there any challenges in portraying a flight attendant?

My scenes were pretty easy to shoot, but what I remember most from the experience was how uncomfortable my flight attendant costume was. Seriously though, because I practically live on airplanes it was easy portraying a flight attendant. However, I definitely have a new-found appreciation for what they do and how well they handle passengers.

Have you ever wanted to have sex with a flight attendant?

There hasn't been a flight attendant that I went crazy over, but there have been several passengers I would have done anything to sit next to - or maybe even more.

Did you enjoy your time in London?

London is one of my favorite places on earth. I had been once before during the Euro Trash Tour, a tour through London and Paris which fans could take with porn stars and Chi Chi LaRue. We performed at Heaven in London, the Queen in Paris, and other appearances at smaller pubs. I had the time of my life.

What were your favorite things to do while in London?

Brad Patton and I shopped a lot in London. We also frequented the Shadow Lounge bar. The eye candy (cute boys) there was unreal. I also loved going to the gyms there, so I worked out quite a bit. It was one of the only places where people left me alone to do my thing.

Matthew Rush

5 Minutes With Matthew Rush, courtesy of Falcon Studios
An Interview with Mistress Mona

What was the most memorable aspect of your scene in The Recruits?

Being in the scene with Joe Sport was amazing. I was happy that I was in his very first scene. He is sexy as hell and we had a really good scene. It was also the first time that I have ever worked with Brad Patton. He is a lot of fun to work with. The best part was the fight scene between Brad and me.

Are there any particular challenges to filming a military movie?

It was really no different from any other movie I have made. I thought the theme was a pretty hot concept.

What did you find was the sexiest and most appealing part of being in a military-themed movie?

Even though I was lying on the floor for part of the scene, it was really hot watching Brad Patton and Joe Sport getting it on!

If you could have cast another scene in this movie, who would you cast in the scene and what roles would the actors play?

If I could cast another scene or in this scene continue in my scene, I would have drop-kicked Brad and continued having my way with Joe.

What was the funniest or most memorable thing that happened behind the scenes during the shooting of The Recruits?

During the fight scene, I had to fall to the floor and land on this mat. When Brad kicks me, I fall to the floor and the mat slides across the floor and I hit my head on the jail cell behind me. It made this funny "ping" noise.

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Matthew Rush

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